Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Here we go...again

Mutton Bird Island - Hubby, Faith and I climbed to the top.
Faith ridding in her pram! Nothing is impossible!
It is amazing how life can change so quickly in a matter of hours. 

So, drum roll... we decided to give Faith some blended food through her button. It was tough, in that we wanted to do the right thing. The right thing for Faith. I thinned out Faith's blend and hubby and I, prayed for wisdom, strength and the blended food went easily into her button. It was ok, it is basically a juice. We are not removing formula feeds at this stage. We just will give her a bit of blend into her button before she has her formula and she hasn't vomited since. We were always giving her juices into her button, this is just a different type of juice. She had over a hundred mls this afternoon and she is already more settled, more smiles more giggles and I am sure more sounds of words. Maybe I am imaging it. But, she isn't sweating as much and looks happier. We shall see how we go tonight and over the coming days. I am hopeful this will turn a corner not just for Faith but her eating food again. 

We had her sitting outside this afternoon and she was leaning her head towards the small bowls of water she was playing with and trying to drink them. All positive signs I think. What a sweet little girl she is and even with challenging times she brings us laughs and happiness.

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